Shawell, 2018.

A Leicestershire county border village.

Welcome to the Bells and Ringing at Shawell.

 All Saints, Church. Church Lane, Shawell. Leics. LE17 6AL.

  All Saints Church, Church Lane, Shawell. Leicestershire. LE17 6AL.

Joint Tower Captains :-
Andy : 07778-33 98 63. & Daphne : 07762-97 44 97.

Practice Night : Tuesday, 7.45 pm. to 9.00 pm.

Variable Sunday Service Ringing.

The Church forms part of the Avon-Swift Group of Churches.


The 6 Bells.

  • Treble.   1990.  Whitechapel Bell Foundry Ltd. Wt.3-0-21. (swing N – S)
  • 2nd.         1656.  Bryan II Eldridge at Coventry.  Wt.3-1-27. (swing N – S)
  • 3rd.         1632.  Hugh II Watts of Leicester.         Wt.3-3-21. (swing N – S)
  • 4th.       c1560.  Thomas II Newcombe.                  Wt.5-0-27. (swing N – S)
  • 5th.       c1480.  John Danyell succ’r. “Brede”.    Wt.5-3-21. (swing E – W)
  • Tenor.    1770.  Joseph Eayre of St. Neots.           Wt.8-2-22. (swing E – W)
  • No Clock.

Ground floor rope layout plan.

……..west wall of tower……..


3rd.                             5th.

rope spider

2nd.                         Tenor


…..↓ level & open to nave ↓…..

[ FONT ]

⇐ ⇐ ⇐ south door & porch ⇐ ⇐ ⇐ EXIT


  • Excellent rope circle.
  • Good tonal qualities.
  • Lightish bells but smooth running.
  • Interesting modern architectural ropeguide framework.
  • Good lighting.
  • Stone floor.
  • Rope mats.
  • Wall heater.
  • Curtain.
  • Sally colours – Red, white, blue.
  • No toilet facilities.

Technical attributes.

  • Metal frame.
  • metal headstocks.
  • Conventional stays.

Access to the Church is via Church Lane.

  • From corner of Main Street & Bullaces Lane, follow track on right, up the incline, curving further right to the “car parking area.”
  • Limited “off road” car parking adjacent to Church.
  • Please note, there are access points to dwellings & fields close to the “parking” area.

Accessibility to Church.

  • Level gravel path from “parking area” leads to south porch & door, level access into Nave.

The Earlier Bells.

Records show that there were 5 bells in 1876, represented by the modern-day 2nd. to Tenor bells.

  • The Treble bell (present 2nd.) was cast in 1656, at a temporary foundry in Coventry, by Bryan II Eldridge.
  • Bryan II Eldridge also cast the early tenor bell at Lilbourne in 1658 & the early 2nd. bell at Crick in 1656, (both of which were subsequently re-cast at later dates) .

Inscriptions with translations.

  • (New treble. Whitechapel, 1990)
    • tba (attributed to the Raven family)
  • (2nd. Bryan II Eldridge)
      • [ Bryan Eldridge made me 1656 ]
  • (3rd. Hugh II Watts)
    • GOD SAVE THE KING 1632
  • (4th. Thomas II Newcombe, c1560)
    •  S I A C O B E
    • [ St. Jacob ??? ]
  • (5th. Brede, c1480)
    • Sancta Katerina Ora Pro Nobis
    • [ Saint Katherine pray for us ]
  • (6th. Joseph Eayre)


Village amenities include :-

  • Public house.
  • Village Hall.


L.D.G.C.B.R. Market Harborough District.
Dove’s Guide.
Avon-Swift Group.
Shawell Village.


The Church is affiliated to

Leicester Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers

LDG Logo

(formed 1946).

Catthorpe, Misterton, Shawell, Stanford on Avon

& Swinford towers are within

Market Harborough District.




This website is essentially a local history & bell-ringers technical information site.
The bell ringers form part of F.O.C.A.S. namely, an independent band of ringers, from both sides of the River Avon, Leicestershire and Northamptonshire county border.

Friends  Of  Crick  And  Shawell )


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