Catthorpe, 2020.

Catthorpe, September 2018, after the repair work to the tower.

St. Thomas’ Church.
Main Street,
Leicestershire. LE16 7DB

According to records, former dedication was to St. Mary & All Saints’ Church.

  • Catthorpe, Leicestershire. River Avon forms the southern boundary with Northamptonshire & the A5 trunk road (Watling Street) forms a western boundary with Warwickshire. All three counties meet at” Dowbridge ” A5/ river Avon crossing.
  • Looking eastwards, Catthorpe lends its name to the infamous A14 / M6, M1 Motorway Junction 19 interchange, which has undergone a major roadworks improvement programme, finally completed December 2016.

Bell ringing is limited to experienced ringers only. Regret no visiting bands at the present time.

Maintenance diary events.

  • Sept. 7th. 2018, the tower is now repaired and scaffolding was taken down.
  • Sept. 9th. 2018, the UAVB – SMS maintenance team initially inspected the bell installation.
  • Sept. 21st. 2018, the architect states ringing can be resumed.
  • Sept. 22nd. 2018, the three bells were oiled, test raised, briefly rung and lowered.
  • Oct. 10th. 2018, two members of the Upper Avon Valley Bells, volunteer maintenance support team have installed new wooden boards inside the bell frames enabling a safe, permanent maintenance platform.
  • Oct. 11th. 2018, the U.A.V.B. team have commenced a light but essential overhaul of the bell installation.
  • Oct. 19th. 2018, bells have been test-raised and lowered. At present, further bell ringing is restricted to experienced ringers only.

3 Bells.  [ with inscriptions & translations ].

  • Treble. c1560. Austen Bracker of King’s Lynn. (est.wt. 3 cwt.)
    • Note ‘E’ [ swing N ⇑⇓ S ]
      • [ WORCHEPE BE TO GOD ]
      • [ Worship be to God ]
  • 2nd.      c1399. John Rufford of Toddington. (est.wt. 4¾ cwt.) 
    • Note ‘D sharp’ [swing E ⇔ W]
      • [ IOHANNES ]
      • [ JOHANNES  (John) ]
  • Tenor.   1770. Joseph Eayre of St.Neots. (6 cwt.) 
    • Note ‘C sharp’ [swing E ⇔ W]
      • [ Come when I call ]

Ground floor rope layout plan.

… west window and wall of tower …




↓ Nave ↓

<<< south door <<< EXIT                                     


  • “Clockwise” rope orientation, treble closest to west window, 2nd. bell closest to north tower wall, tenor closest to Nave.
  • No rope guides.
  • Bell ringing is limited to experienced ringers only.
  • Sally colours :
    • 1 – Red, white, blue. previously blue, white.
    • 2 – Red, white, blue.
    • 3 – All bands dark red. previously blue, blue, white.
  • No clock.

Technical attributes.

  • c1824, wooden lower frame housing two bells.
  • c1913, composite wood and steel upper frame housing the treble bell.
  • Wooden headstocks.
  • Baldric style clapper supports.
  • Gudgeon pins supported by plain bearings.
  • Conventional stays.
  • Iron-pegged slider end stops.

John Rufford.

According to records, John Rufford was appointed as Royal Bell Founder by King Edward III on June 20th. 1367. A stamp showing the head of the King can be found on some, but not all, of his bells. These bells are sometimes referred to as “Royal Headed Bells”. 


Accessibility to Church.

  • From roadside pavement, one shallow step up through lych gate, then hard surfaced path to south porch.

Sunday services once a month.

No toilet facilities.

On-street parking.

Village amenities include :-

  • Brewery.                                              
  • Farm shop serving teas & Sunday lunches.
  • Public house.

Web Links.
Dove’s Guide
Catthorpe Village.




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