Stanford on Avon, 2018.

A Northamptonshire county border village.

Church of St. Nicholas,Stanford on Avon. Northamptonshire.
St. Nicholas’ Church, Stanford on Avon. Northamptonshire. County border village. Boundary, river Avon with Leicestershire.

Please note:

  • Swinford Road, Stanford, can be subject to flooding after periods of very heavy rainfall.
  • Also, flooding at (Stanford Road) Clay Coton village, may necessitate travel diversions via Elkington.
  • Environment Agency :   River Avon flood level information.

Service ringing :

  • 1st. Sunday of each month, 9:00 am. to 9:30 am.

  • Bell ringing practice – 1 occasional Tuesday each month from May to September, 7.30pm. to 9.00pm.
  • No toilet facilities.
  • Stanford on Avon forms part of the Avon Swift Group of Churches.

Leicester Diocesan Guild, Market Harborough District.
Tower Captain for Stanford on Avon :-
Andy & Daphne, Tel. 07778-339863.

Anti-clockwise ring of 5 Bells.

  • Treble. 1928. Gillett & Johnston.     (5-1-22)  swing E-W.
  • 2nd.      1928. Gillett & Johnston.       (7-0-0)   swing E-W.
  • 3rd.       1928. Gillett & Johnston.     (7-1-12)   swing E-W.
  • 4th.       1640. Hugh II Watts.             (9-0-15)   swing E-W.
  • Tenor.  1631. Hugh II Watts.    (Wt. 11-3-12)  swing N-S.
  • No clock.

Ground Floor anti-clockwise rope layout plan

…West wall & window of tower…

3rd            2nd


4th                                  Treble


Tenor                                   .

…↓…Unglazed nave screen & door…↓…

Level access from nave

⇐ ⇐ ⇐ south door & porch ⇐ ⇐ ⇐ EXIT                                                            


  • Good anti-clockwise rope circle.
  • No’s. 2 & 3 bell ropes are fairly close set to west wall of the tower.
  • Good tonal qualities.
  • New ropes fitted in recent years.
  • Rope guides.
  • Floor mats.
  • No lighting in ringing chamber.
  • Sally colours – Blue, blue, yellow.
  • May / June 2017 – Bell installation underwent a maintenance overhaul.

Technical attributes.

  • Wooden frame.
  • Metal headstocks.
  • Conventional stays.
  • Gudgeon pins running on ball bearings.
  • Grease cup lubrication throughout.

Accessibility to Church.

  • Fairly level gravel path from Kilworth road gate to south porch.

  • Limited “on-road” car parking (Church-side grass verge, on South Kilworth Road).
  • Please be aware of entrance drives & pathways leading to houses close to Church.
  • On Stanford  Hall weekend event days, surrounding roads can become congested at times.


The old “Stanford Hall” or manor house once stood on the Northamptonshire side of the river Avon , opposite & to the south-west of the Church, whilst the new Stanford Hall was built on the Leicestershire side, much further back from the road & river.


Earlier Bell History, with inscriptions.

Records of 1700 & 1878 show 5 bells, 3 of which, listed below, being replaced in 1928.

  • The earlier Treble, 1631. Hugh II Watts. 
    • Sr Thomas Cave This Bell Hee Gave 1631.
  • 2nd. 1624. Hugh II Watts.
    • IH’S : Nazarenvs Rex Ivdeorvm Fili Dei Miserere Mei 1624.
    • “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews. O Son of God have mercy on me 1624.”
  • 3rd. 1605. Newcombe family.
    • Be Yt Knowne To All That Doth Me See That Newcombe Of Leicester Made Mee 1605.


Inscriptions on No’s. 4 & 5 bells, with translations.

    • (4. “I am struck and I strike, I rejoice and I mourn, such is the life of man. 1640.”)
    • (Interpretation, courtesy of  Classics dept. at MCS Oxford.)


    • (5. “If you be unwilling to come when I call to prayers you’ll not wish to go at all. 1631”)                                                                                                                                                                   


Village amenities include :-
Stately home & parkland.


Web Links.
Dove’s Guide.
British History Online.


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